Originated in May 1998, adhering to the enterprise mission of "let the superhard tool industry use first-class equipment", specializing in the research and development and production of special equipment for superhard material products.

Diamond Tool Special Equipment Manufacturer

Different From Those Who Want to 
Seiko "Intelligent" Manufacturing

In recent years, Jinhaiwei has taken the lead in the industry in the intellectualization, informationization and networking of its products, and has achieved remarkable results, providing support for the technological progress and innovation of the industry.
The main products are: intelligent laser welding unmanned production workshop system, intelligent laser welding equipment for superhard material products, automatic hot-pressing sintering machine production and management system, intelligent hot-pressing sintering machine,
Automatic hot pressing sintering furnace series and other seven categories of product series, covering the full set of equipment required for the production of superhard material products.

Let The Super Hard Tool Industry 
Use The Best Equipment

Jin Haiwei specializes in the development and production of diamond tools special equipment.
Main equipment: hot pressing sintering machine, hot pressing sintering furnace, domestic market share of more than 80%, international market share of more than 60%.
Diamond saw blade laser welding machine, thin-wall drilling laser welding machine and other special equipment, not only make up the gap in the domestic market, and lead the current market.
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